terms and conditions of warranty

The products manufactured by BsSystem s.r.l. are guaranteed for two years from the date of shipping from its facilities. This warranty is added to and does not affect the buyer's rights under European Directive 99/44/EC and relative national implementation decree, except in cases where otherwise specified.

This warranty does not include any malfunction or damage caused by:

In the event of defects in materials, or hidden defects, as well as errors, differences in dimensions exceeding the normal manufacturing tolerances, the Company shall be obliged to replace the defective parts. Any returns of non-compliant goods shall be accepted only with prior written authorization (authorization to return) issued by the Company's Sales Managers. In any case, the returned goods must arrive at the Company prepaid, otherwise the goods will be returned to sender. Any return of compliant material must be agreed in advance with the Commercial Director of the Company. The customer shall be liable for all transport costs.

The insurance coverage has a duration of ten years from the date of shipment from the Company's facilities. The Company shall instruct its Insurance Company to proceed in accordance with the policy only in the case of operation of non-compliant products manufactured by the Company and damage to persons or things unintentionally caused by such products. To file the claim with the Insurance Company, the Company must receive a report of the incident within 10 days of its occurrence, under penalty of non-compensation, and all the data of the incident in the dedicated questionnaire with all documents and samples attached necessary for the management of the claim for compensation, within 30 days. The Customer shall receive no reimbursement until the Company has verified the cause of the complaint and/or damage.

In the event that laboratory tests are necessary or required for the verification, research or identification of the non-conformity of a return/complaint/claim, where this non-conformity is not attributable to the liability of the Company, the costs incurred shall be charged to the claimant. The installers must perform and document the tests on the systems installed according to the international standards in force, in Italy as prescribed by Ministerial Decree 37/08, and UNI standard 9182.

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