The company

We started out in 2007 with a small family-run turnery.

Thanks to the many years' experience of our partners and the growing appreciation on the market, we have successfully become a reference company in the sector of special ball valves and brass components for the heating and agricultural spraying industries.

We have a large number of CNC machines.

We manage production in a flexible manner and process orders promptly with guaranteed high quality for both custom and high-turnover products. Our reference market is divided into two areas: industry and agriculture.

We have an extensive catalogue of products for plumbing and heating that is continuously updated.

The wide range of products includes two and three-way ball valves, thermostatic valves, fittings, flowmeters and various accessories.

The spraying accessories are found in the agricultural product catalogue.

Brass accessories for the surface spraying and treating plant diseases, such as nebulizers, adjustable jets and low- and high-pressure spray lances.

Our company has always been founded on the strength of the family.

Our model of ownership is witnessed every day in the hands-on approach to offering solutions, identifying new paths, measuring risk, withstanding fatigue and reacting to everyday problems with intelligence, reliability and respect.

From a small provincial business, we have become a solid and structured company.

This is thanks to the successes, the stumbles, the changes, the good fortune and to the men and women who have built BsSystem today, where people not only find the security of a job but also the opportunity to grow professionally, to plan their future and to forge human relationships.

We are much more than departments and offices.

We are a team that faces its mission by embracing shared values: reliability, customer focus, respect and simplicity. This is how we have chosen to look to the future with positivity.

We continue to invest in value creation.

Thanks to our work, we have ever-increasing resources that we can employ in technology, welfare and environmental and territorial protection.

BS System srl via A. Terzi, 34/36/38 25080 Nuvolento (Bs) - Italy