Project, prototyping and 3D model

We have a design team made up of technicians and engineers who study and create products based on the customer’s needs and market research. Our know-how and experience enable us to develop the design and create prototypes with 3D printers suitable for performing leakage and assembly tests, size and shape tests.


Brass has always been central to our production processes. We are specialists in machining components with dimensions from ø 5 to ø 70 mm. We have 4 to 12-axis milling machines with which we produce 100% tested valves from 1/8" to 3". We also machine pressed brass by CNC transfer with loading/unloading robots.

Quality control

Our Metrology Room includes all the equipment needed to perform all possible measurements and checks. We use the program DataMyte to verity the dimensions and to archive the data, which are always available to guarantee the work completed.

Assembly and testing

We assemble our products both manually and using electronically programmable servo-controlled automatic CNC machines. We test all valves with leakage tests using both air and water, we check the real and the nominal ΔP and we perform tests using thermostatically controlled fluid for seal reliability at different temperatures.

Custom packaging and shipping

To ensure the maximum protection guarantee for our goods, we pack and ship using the most advanced techniques: barrier bag, polyethylene shrink wrap, desiccant and polyurethane foam. We seek to satisfy our customers’ needs not just with quality shipping but also by providing custom packaging.

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